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No Man's Sky, who?
Don't know how it works, but... I have it now.


I know, I should post other stuff but for now this'll do.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

I know I'm late for International Women's Day, but it was a late-hour idea I had. ^^;
For those who don't know, Extra Life is a charity event from the Rooster Teeth people that unites gamers for a 24-hour marathon to raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network hospitals. More details HERE.

Here are a couple of streams raising funds for Extra Life, both on Twitch: LeJerque and MechSupport.
Well, before my high E string snapped - I gotta buy higher gauge strings - I did manage to record a lil' somethin'.

I don't post my stuff on Derpibooru because, well... I never felt the need to. But occasionally folks post some of my images there, and sofar the reception was pretty good, so thanks for posting them there ^^

Also, welcome new watchers. ^^

Spent all morning without smoking a single cigarette, I wasn't even craving it badly, I felt pretty normal. Then I had my first cig of the day at around 3 PM. Instead of feeling good, I felt sick and awful. Not emotionally, but physically. I felt queasy and nauseated by the nicotine.

I've known for years that I don't smoke because of the nicotine, I smoke because I like the feeling of it. For some reason, I like the feeling of the smoke in my lungs. It totally sounds weird, and I'll own it. But I felt it's time to finally drop the bad habit.

Instead of going completely cold turkey, though, I'm gonna reduce it drastically but to one cig every hour, after 3 PM 'til I go to bed. I'll try to stick to that routine for this week, then see if I can take another hour next week.

That, coupled with my diet, should help me improve my life by a lot.

This was all over the brazilian radio stations.

Good times ^^
Just thinking about them leaves my left hand all CATATONIC~


I'll see myself out. ^^;
...I hope you're spending the rest of eternity stepping on nothing but Lego bricks.

And yes, I'm trying to learn how to play guitar. So far, I SORTA got the intro of Who'll Stop the Rain right.

Finally, a new video.

Also, I think I figured out how to record gameplay footage with OBS without losing too many frames. Sadly that means I need to play games at a 1280x720 resolution, but at least the videos will hopefully be a lot smoother.
Me and a friend of mine tried everything to solve my issue with Win8.1, but nothing worked.

So, the solution was to reinstall Windows, but he suggested me to install Win10. I was a bit reluctant, but after a couple of hours using it, it's actually not so bad.

'guess I lucked out. ^^
Okay, this's getting on my nerves...

I have Windows 8.1 installed but I disabled the password on login. However, that also disabled my admin account and now whenever I need to install/uninstall something that requires admin approval, it won't let me. I tried absolutely everything, including the one on this link, which describes my problem, but that also didn't work:…

Worst thing is, I don't have the CD to install Windows. And I don't want to upgrade to Windows 10 due to some horror stories I heard.

Anyone has a solution? Please?